Barbra Sundquist, Social Media Educator and Online Business Coach

Barbra Sundquist is the person behind EducateSocialMedia.com. She started this site as a resource for her students at North Island College, as well as a place to share best practices in social media marketing with other students, educators and businesses.

Barbra isĀ an experienced college instructor, internet marketer, and business coach. After a 20 year career as an independent management consultant, in 2001 she slipped down the rabbit hole of online business. An early adopter of ecommerce, she lucked out by starting her business HowtoWriteaBio.com and its sister site BioTemplates.com in 2006 when there was very little competition online. Within a few years that business had grown to over 40,000 unique visitors monthly.

A born entrepreneur, Barbra has also started lots of other online businesses, many of which were dismal failures! She has fallen for more “make money online” pitches from clever gurus than you can imagine. As a result, her first advice to students and clients on internet marketing is “step away from the computer and put your credit card down!”